Welcome to Villa Setha Wadi

Villa Setha Wadi overlooks the Kalpitiya lagoon and the sand spit- a world famous site for kitesurfing. The Villa stands on a 5 acre coconut plantation and consists of a 3 rooms in the Main Bungalow and 7 individual Superior Chalets (all en-suite), accommodating a total of 22 guests. This exclusive luxury is only a three and a half hour drive away from Colombo on excellent roads.

There is no better place to appreciate this glorious expanse than from the lagoon pavilion, built at at the end of a dock which just out into the lagoon. At sunset, the view of the wide horizon from our location is magical - the lagoon, separated from the sky by the blade-like spit, appears to be a vast infinity pool that absorbs the glowing orb of the sun. Later, lie down in a four poster canopy beds in the constant cool breeze and let the sound of lapping water lull you to sleep. Our promise is to house you comfortably while you rest your mind, soak in the culture and tire out your body with all the activities available to you.

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